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View our selection of products below to enhance your spa experience 

Spa Filters

Keep your spa water crystal clear at all times with our Glacier Filtration System

Combining our Pre Filter Screens with Antimicrobial pleating and Silver Ion technology; our filters not only catch debris, but sanitizes and sterilizes any bacteria that may be in your spa.


The Silver Ions embedded in each filter work 24/7 as a natural sanitizer which improves efficiency of chlorine up to 50%, while the blue antimicrobial coating on the pleats of each filter prevents the growth of bacteria. 

Filters should be changed every 3 - 4 MONTHS (depending on usage).


Canadian Spa Company offers a yearly filter subscription, where every 4 months a new set of filters will arrive at your door, not only reminding you it’s time to replace your filters, but also giving you a hassle free buying experience and saving you money on 3 filters (or sets depending on your spa) for the price of 2. 

Filters Lifestyle(1).png

Cover Lifters

Simple, durable and reliable

Our lifters are easy to install and easy to operate. No need for large mounting plates or permanent cover attachments.  


The contemporary black anodized aluminum finish is ideal for any spa or decor. These lifters will make removing and storing your spa cover convenient and easy, while reducing wear and tear.


We have a variety of cover lifters available, Top Mount lifters that provide privacy, and others suitable for where all views from the spa are worth seeing. Find the right lifter for you below!


Click on a lifter from our collection to learn more

Spa Chemicals

Perfect for new spa owners

Chlorinating Granules Image_edited.png

Chlorine Granules
Kills harmful bacteria in your spa. Suitable for manual daily dosing. TIP: The pH MUST be within 7.2 - 7.6 for this sanitizer to work


Test Strips_02.png

Test Strips
50 Pack - Ensure your spa is always safe to use. Simply dip a test strip into the water and compare to the colour chart to take readings for Chlorine, pH and Alkalinity. TIP: Chlorine and pH should be checked EVERY TIME the spa is used to ensure safe water

Alkalinity Booster Image_edited.png

Alkalinity Booster
Helps to protect your spas heater element, jets and other parts against corrosion. 
TIP: Using this product regularly could save you a fortune in repair bills that aren't covered under warranty


pH Up Image_edited.png

pH Up
Increases pH in spa to maintain an ideal chemical balance. TIP: Use when the pH is below 7.2


pH Down Image_edited.png

pH Down
Reduces pH in spa to maintain an ideal chemical balance. TIP: Use when the pH is above 8.0 

Starter Chemical Kit_01.png

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